Artist and screen printer creating vivid illustrations in Seoul.

Live from the studio at Miniprint Seoul.

Live from the studio at Miniprint Seoul.


Kelly Belter

I am a Seoul-based artist and screen printer. Originally focusing on digital art, I began screen printing in 2018 as a way to bring my work to a tangible form.

My progression into silkscreen printing has allowed me to experiment with mixed editions and color variations. I enjoy how handcrafting each image allows me to give each piece in the edition a unique touch. With the goal of telling a short story in a single image, I favor bold patterns and vibrant palettes to bring attention to the women, objects and environments I depict.

In addition to small screen printed editions, I also make my work more widely available through unlimited risograph and other printing mediums. Going forward, I aim to experiment with additional methods of translating my work, including woodblocks, murals and stained glass work. In addition to my personal artwork, I collaborate with companies and private clients to create detailed illustrations in my own style.

For inquiries regarding prints, commissions or other projects, feel free to contact me.