K E L   B E L T E R

Half-Korean, half-American artist, currently living in Seoul. Growing up in a mixed race household, the concept of identity as inconstant and prismatic has always fascinated me. Through multimedia art, illustrations and photography, I try to capture what it means to identify yourself and to be vulnerable.

R E C E N T  F E A T U R E S

ALTER EGO - photo series for GIRL Magazine

DOWNPOUR- photo series for Sticks and Stones Agency

LOST FOR WORDS - photo series for GIRL Magazine

Urban Outfitters Europe ARTIST OF THE WEEK

ARTIST FEATURE -on Curated by Girls

LAST GIRL - photo series for Saperlipopette Magazine 

HALF-EMPTY - photo story for Grunge'n'Art Mag 


C O N T A C T  M E


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010-3673-4560 (SOUTH KOREA - SMS ONLY)

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